Arts Council of Central Okanagan

Release Date
September 29, 2020
Cast & Crew

Directed, Filmed & Edited By
James Alton

Presented By
Kirsteen McCulloch & Karen Close

Additional Cameras
Tyler Messervey & Ben Ward

Stage Technician
Josh Mulloy

Produced By
Kirsteen McCulloch

Emily Jayne May Myatt
Danielle Krysa
John Lent
Jude Clark
Richard Brodeur
Susan Leblanc
Rose Sexsmith
Rawle James
Leila Neverland
Nakita Edwards

Artsco, the Arts Council of Central Okanagan, wanted to reachout to and showcase local artists during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic to show the world art was still alive. With 9 episodes in total we recorded artists over 3 days in the Rotary Centre for the Arts and showcased them during Kelowna Culture Days.

View a full playlist of all episodes.

Production Notes

This project was additionally supported by Okanagan Regional Library, Central Okanagan Foundation, City of Kelowna & Government of BC.

Behind the scenes

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