Bold Artist Series: The Life of Acrylic Painters

Release Date
December 16, 2021
Cast & Crew

Directed By
James Alton

Edited By
Chelsea McEvoy

Second Camera
Jamie Patterson

Caleb Merchant & Aidan McLane

Diva Den Day Spa

Charla Maarschalk

Bold school showcases the life of acrylic painters through the bold artist series. The Bold Artist Series follows the day to day life of acrylic painter Charla Maarschalk and four other artists, offering an insightful look into their painting process though interviews with families and friends. We explore their passion, process, and the continual challenge of balancing family and everyday life with the insatiable need to paint. Charla chose to create this series with James Alton Films not only to showcase her work, but to bring more visibility to painters in general. The videos allow her to share her work and story, and to reach her target audience in a way that is personal, meaningful, and deeply authentic. The series draws new and global customers to her paywall painting courses and expands her exposure to audiences she otherwise would not have the opportunity to reach. Visit to learn more.

Production Notes
Behind the scenes

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