City of Kelowna & Kasugai

Release Date
October 22, 2021
Cast & Crew

Produced By
Kelowna Kasugai Sister City Association

Directed, Filmed & Edited By
James Alton

Additional Footage
Jamie Patterson


James Alton Films was approached by the City of Kelowna to help them publicly showcase 40 years of friendship with their city Kasugai in Aichi, Japan. Since the first official ceremony between the mayors of Kelowna and Kasugai years ago, the sister city friendship had developed a story that needed to be told and celebrated.

Production Notes

Using a documentary style, we focused on the cultural, political and physical exchanges between the two cities. We had archival footage, models, groups of actors, drones, a script and a voice actor who had to learn Japanese pronunciation. We also interviewed Mayor Colin Basran.

Behind the scenes

Video has become an incredibly important tool and opportunity for local governments and municipalities to communicate with and connect to the members of their communities. A community’s sense of trust in their leadership can be strengthened by this kind of professional, authentic and effective communication on a regular basis. Whether it’s communication about current and community events, celebrating achievements, or honouring citizens, video provides an effective and dynamic connection experience.

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