Kingfisher Interpretive Centre

Release Date
June 9, 2020
Cast & Crew

Directed, Produced & Edited By
James Alton

Members of the Kingfisher Interpretive Centre
Splatsin/Secwepemc Tribe from the Shuswap area

Kingfisher Interpretive Centre is a government education & cultural centre that focuses on salmon, the temperate rainforest and relations with the Splatsin/Secwepemc tribe. Like many, they were aversely affected by the Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic which left school children without a means of learning about their local environment and its history. We produced seven lessons and distributed it to school boards and teachers for home learning.

Production Notes

I was even interviewed about my experience at KCIS Enderby.

Behind the scenes

“..are these ever good, the quality of content is great (I expected that) but the production quality (intros, lighting, close-ups etc.) are superb! thanks,

also: the kids love them”

~Brian & Alexis, School District No.22

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