Kristal Parke: A Story On Indigenous Adoption

Release Date
December 16, 2021
Cast & Crew

Executive Producer
Stewart Parke

Executive Producer
Kristal Parke

Produced By
James Alton

Produced By
Kristal Parke

Second Camera, Drone
Jamie Patterson

Caleb Merchant

Director's Assistant
Angela Walsh

Diva Den Day Spa

Kristal Parke

Follow Kristal Parke as she discovers her unknown biological family and explores the gifts and heartaches of indigenous adoption. Kristal was given up for adoption at birth to a family in Vancouver. Many years later, by chance or fate, a DNA test unexpectedly led to the discovery of her biological father. Travelling to Manitoba to the Opaskwayak Cree Nation, Kristal goes back to the land of her ancestors to discover who her family truly is. But it isn’t until disaster strikes with her adoptive family that she learns where she really belongs. This documentary unpacks Kristal’s Indigenous heritage, the complications of adoption, and the bonds of family that both include and transcend bloodlines.

Production Notes
Behind the scenes

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