Release Date
February 16, 2021
Cast & Crew

Written & Directed By
James Alton

Produced By
Noah M. Dorsey

Director of Photography
Harrison Mandel

Original Score
Bobby Jeffrey

Sound Design
Lainie Dixon

Casting Director
Angela Quinn

Boom Operator
Ben Bennett

Chris Ziprick

Dog Wrangler
Charlotte Hall

Phillip C. Wagner
Corky McMechan

Mabel is James’ first short film, borne of a vision he had during a sound bowl meditation ceremony performed by Flourish Sound. He wrote a script around the story he dreamt.

The story is about love and loss, and the community that supports us all. While we all take the community for granted when things are good, it also has the ability to ignore us while we suffer. This story is a silent cry for help.

Production Notes

This film will be at film festivals Fall 2021.

Special Thanks Hedy Neitsh, Hedley Market, The Film Factory, OSIF.

Behind the scenes

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