The Pink Unicorn

Release Date
June 3, 2020
Cast & Crew

Play Directed By
Bonnie Gratz

Film Directed By
James Alton

Produced By
Bonnie Gratz & James Alton

Stage Manager
Julian Smith

Noah M. Dorsey

Editing By
James Alton

Aidan McLane

Kendra Hesketh

Arts & culture took a massive hit worldwide during the Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic, unable to curtail the need for physical distancing to keep their productions and theatres open for viewing. As the president of the Okanagan Society of Independent Filmmaking, I sought a partnership with New Vintage Theatre to assist them with an LGBTQ+ monologue play, The Pink Unicorn. Thematically based in the 1960s but taking place today, it deals with a mom coming to terms with her daughter identifying as genderqueer and what that means to her as a Christian, mother and human.

Production Notes

More information is available from the New Vintage Theatre website.

Rentals: OSIF & Video Equipment Kelowna

Florals Gems and Stems at Eastside

Behind the scenes

The play was covered by The Globe and Mail, Global News BC and we had an article written about it too.

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