Sarah Osborne – Autumn Sun

Release Date
October 22, 2021
Cast & Crew

Directed, Filmed & Edited By
James Alton

Sarah Osborne

Sarah approached James Alton Films to develop an original concept for her blues-rock song “Autumn Sun.”

We landed on an ethereal, creative idea that explores what it may be like for a wolf to become a human. Shot in Naramata, BC, Canada, the music video shows the shift from fear to companionship through the journey of human-animal connection.

Production Notes

This project faced the challenge of the artist’s limited time for planning and filming. We were able to work within these time constraints and collaborate with her to conceptualize her ideas and film the entire video in one beautiful evening.

Bringing Sarah’s creative vision to life in a music video allows her to easily share her music with both loyal fans and new audiences online. It keeps her offerings current, fresh, and relevant to today’s listeners around the world.

Behind the scenes

Set to great fanfare and reviews, the music video was lauded as Sarah’s best music video yet by friends, family and fans alike.

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