Tennyson King – It Ain’t Easy

Release Date
January 7, 2022
Cast & Crew

Director & Cinematographer
James Alton

Jamie Patterson

Tennyson King
The Okanagan Armwrestling Club

Tennyson King was referred to James Alton Films when, during the late Fall BC Floods of 2021, massive and unprecedented road closures left his director stuck in Vancouver. This shoot plays off the original idea of an arm wrestling competition, and we organized and turned it around in 10 days.

Production Notes

We created unique personalities for each individual. These caricatures line up with the song’s central theme of overcoming our everyday battles, and they bring a lot of humour to the video.

Behind the scenes

The music video took shape thanks to the efforts of the Okanagan Armwestling Club and a brand new location volunteered by the Gardners.

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