The Lonely Ones

Release Date
November 19, 2020
Cast & Crew

Play Written & Directed By
Bonnie Gratz

Filmed & Edited By
James Alton

Teena Gowdy
Kendra Hesket
Olivia Koenig
Ash Penner
Braeden Rachfal
Benjamin Steven
Kevin Van Kessel

New Vintage Theatre offers acting classes for all ages & levels. James Alton Films was hired to create a film for their Acting for Film class.

Bonnie, the executive director of New Vintage, wrote the script and directed the actors. James was the cinematographer and editor of this short film.

Production Notes

We shot the film over 4 weeks at various locations in Kelowna, including The Rotary Centre for the Arts, Blackbox Theatre and New Vintage’s private venues.

James put an incredible amount of work into this film, so we hope you enjoy it!

Behind the scenes

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