our passion

Commercial videos and documercials tell the story of your brand and showcase your product or service to an expansive audience.  Video is a highly effective way to pique interest, warm leads and deliver information about what you have to offer.  It’s versatile, long lasting, and dynamic advertising.  In today’s market, people want to be informed and entertained.  At James Alton Films, we work with you to create the kind of video advertisement that best showcases your company and delivers your message in the most captivating and memorable way possible.

our process

Our step-by-step process guides production from beginning to end.  We offer a complete package of services throughout the production process to take your project from early concept to a polished and professional final product.  These services include concept development, script writing, organizing budget and logistics, finding locations, securing permits and many details in between.

our wins

At James Alton Films, we’ve worked with many clients such as the City of Kelowna, Ballet Kelowna, and BrainTrust Canada.  We develop a dynamic range of video advertisements perfectly suited to the message of each individual corporation or brand.

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