James Alton

Director / Producer

Film director and commercial video producer James Alton is the man behind the lens and the heart of James Alton Films. James is first and foremost passionate about discovering the stories within people and making a way for these stories to be told. James is highly skilled as a filmmaker, and he’s also a natural at connecting with people. James is encouraging and authentic, and his presence draws people out so they can express what’s inside them while in front of the camera. James is selective and intentional about the team he hires to be part of his films, knowing each individual contributes not just their skill, but their energy to the experience on set.

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Angela Walsh

Executive Assistant / Producer

Angela works tirelessly on-set and behind the scenes on production, customer satisfaction and administration. She’s a heart-first, intuitive, hard working individual who loves to help people. She helps James on-set with continuity, cares for clients needs and off-set helps with production, projects and many other tasks.

Angela has appeared on screen as an actress as well, showcasing that her talents are not limited to work behind the camera.

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